Surgical/Homemade Mask Ear Savers

The fight is on!  The war on against Covid-19 is in full swing with hundreds of thousands of frontline healthcare workers.  Ranging from hospital staff, EMS, firefighters and police offices to dental offices, care facilities, cancer clinics and veterinarians, our army will win this battle!

Unfortunately, this virus isn't the only enemy.  Our frontline staff is now suffering from body and mental fatigue.  Working long hours, helping patients, seeing the pain, and not being able to hug their family takes a toll.  

Many, many community members across the country have stepped up to help the fight.  With the shortage of PPE, the community has begun sewing handmade masks and donating them to the workers in order to keep them safe.  I can't express how amazing this is.  During a very heated political climate, our communities are coming together, working as one, to help the fight!  (queue Lee Greenwood....) I'm Proud To Be An American!

I've posted several times to Facebook and on our website detailing how we are helping the fight.  We are no longer getting orders for signs, cutting boards, mugs, etc.  So, we've retooled the equipment to cut fabric and make hooks.

You can find more details about our Covid-19 Relief Efforts here

Want to see a soothing video of our laser cutting s-hooks?